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What is beeswax really? Honey bees collect nectar from flowers and process it into honey.
Nectar and honey provide the energy for bees' flight muscles and for heating the hive
during the winter months. It has been estimated that honey bees eat 8lbs. of honey to
produce 1lb. of wax. Beeswax is made by the worker bees and is produced from the glands
on their abdomens. The beeswax is then used to make the honeycombs which store the honey.
When the bees have filled each cell in the comb with honey, they cover all the cells with
wax caps. At harvest time, the beekeeper cuts off the wax cappings and extracts the honey .

We receive the raw cappings from the beekeeper in barrels and rinse out the left over honey
with warm water. We then put the cappings into our melting tank with water and melt the cappings
slowly and gently over low heat. We then ladle off the beeswax through a filter material that
removes "dirt" down to one micron. The "dirt" that clogs the wicking is between one micron and
5 microns in size. Triple filtering beeswax through J-cloth , panty hose , or other paper filters
still allows this fine "dirt" to remain in the beeswax causing "carbon capping" or "mushrooming"
to occur. By filtering the beeswax through such a fine filter material we remove all the "dirt"
that may cause a poorly burning flame. Our slow and gentle process maintains the integrity of
the beeswax , retaining the nice light yellow colour and sweet aroma . By using this finely
cleaned beeswax , we are able to use 100% pure cotton wicking which is specifically designed
to be used in beeswax candles. The cotton is cleaned and whitened using a salt solution.

For more information on self trimming cotton wicking please visit Atkins and Pearce

I met a beekeeper once who said , " you can't make a silk purse out of a pig's ear ".

At Tweedle Bee Candles we use quality raw materials treated with care and respect,
producing quality affordable candles for you to enjoy.

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